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Cogent Security Consulting - PPBE Online

PPBE Online

Planning, Programming, Budgeting, And Execution / Evaluation (PPBE) Online

Cogent has developed a proprietary, web-based portal with two modern applications used to implement the Department of Energy's nuclear security program's PPBE framework--the primary strategic planning and resource allocation process within the Department of Defense and other major federal agencies. Although custom-built for the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), our longer-term vision is a suite of user friendly, integrated tools that reduce or eliminate most major pain points for all program offices (military and civilian) when formulating and overseeing the execution of their budget appropriations.

Future Years Nuclear Security Program (FYNSP) Online

FYNSP is NNSA's 5-year budget planning and formulation process. FYNSP Online streamlines data collection from field sites, facilitates analysis and decision making by federal officials, and improves the fidelity of Congressional budget requests/deliverables.

Annual Operating Plan (AOP) Online


After funding is allocated, AOP Online is utilized for execution-year budgeting, overseeing program costs, level of effort, project status, and other operational data points relevant to federal program offices about the work being executed in the field. With robust reporting capabilities, federal officials can access key data important for informed decision making as the year progresses. 

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