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Our Work

Examples of Successful Execution


Challenge: Client did not have a transparent or defensible process for linking security requirements with staffing levels and resource requests.

Cogent's Approach: Developed detailed, standard work breakdown structure for capturing security effort and costs. Developed processes and guidelines for conducting in-depth budget reviews and quarterly program reviews. Assembled integrated, expert teams to conduct facility surveys and analyze asset locations, security force configuration, response times, etc. to ensure adequacy of staffing levels and identify potential savings.

Outcome: Identified over $50M in potential savings. Achieved at least $10M in recurring, annual savings without increasing security risk.

Cogent Security Consulting - Requirements Reviews


Challenge: Client did not have standardized security force training or performance assessment program, resulting in broad inconsistencies across its facilities.

Cogent's Approach: Established standard list of Mission Essential Tasks. Developed standard framework for assessing proficiency of tasks and modifying training plans to prioritize highest needs. Developed and promulgated a standard training field manual. Supervised and supported implementation of the program across all facilities.

Outcome: Standardized training approach across all facilities. Training programs focused on most critical skills and areas in most need of improvement, resulting in better trained security forces.



Challenge: Client did not have an accurate characterization of the security equipment deployed at its facilities and could not accurately project requirements for technology refresh and sustainment.

Cogent's Approach: Developed standard templates for quantifying and characterizing deployed security assets, their condition, maintenance activity, alarm rates, inventory, and all associated costs. Validated data via on-site, hands-on surveys, condition assessments and spot checks. Established review process to track equipment installations, maintenance activity, alarm rates, and procurements, and inform budget projections related to refresh and sustainment.

Outcome: Comparable data to assess relative urgency of needs and resource demands. Greater senior-level attention on most critical security infrastructure needs. More Congressional support for high priority security-related projects. Less excess inventory, more accurate life-cycle planning, and defensible budget projections.

Cogent Security Consulting - System Characterization and Planning
Cogent Security Consulting - Federal Acquisition Support


Challenge: Client required comprehensive support for guard force weapon standardization, including requirements review, course of action development, life-cycle sustainment analysis, and acquisition execution. 

Cogent's Approach: Rapidly scoped issue, validated requirements, and developed a cost-effective acquisition strategy at an enterprise level. Developed cost estimates, acquisition documents, and fielding plans. Fielding plan included on-site acceptance reviews, form/fit/function testing and policy modifications. Coordinated actions between the client, partner agency, and other stakeholders.

Outcome: Bridged two Federal programs to execute a $5M Interagency Acquisition, which standardized duty rifles across multiple facilities. Reduced complexity within site armories, simplified life-cycle sustainment, and yielded significant cost savings.



Challenge: Clients needed to implement a new Design Basis Threat that required more extensive analyses than previous threat policies.

Cogent's Approach: Characterized all site assets and determined appropriate protection levels. Created detailed release plume models for chemical holdings and radiological dispersal models for nuclear material holdings. Developed a comprehensive strategy for communicating risk based on site operating conditions. Completed defensible site security analysis for multiple sites. 

Outcome: Accurately characterized protection system effectiveness and enabled site managers to effectively communicate risk to senior leadership, resulting in the first successful implementation of the new Design Basis Threat policy.

Cogent Security Consulting - Security Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution Workshop


Challenge: Clients had difficulty building and updating Annual Operating Plans based on requirements and within fiscal constraints.

Cogent's Approach: Designed, developed, and delivered a three-day workshop focused on building plans, clearly articulating current and future operational needs, and risk-based allocation of security resources. Led workshop numerous times at multiple client locations and provided follow-on support to enhance and sustain learning. 

Outcome: Plan quality improved significantly. More justifiable staffing, purchases and expenditures. Multiple millions realized in cost avoidance and/or savings.


Challenge: Client did not have a standard, tactical life-saving treatment program for its armed security force. Sites were inconsistently prepared, and in some cases unprepared, to administer life-saving care in the event of emergencies.

Cogent's Approach: Established a standard tactical trauma care program to include basic sustainment, advanced training, and associated training equipment. Worked with specialized vendor to assemble a standard, cost-effective, individual first aid / trauma kit. Assisted customer with procurement of standard kit and oversaw field deployment. 

Outcome: Client has a standard, world-class tactical casualty care program implemented consistently across multiple facilities. Program is comprehensive, including self-aid, buddy-aid and mass casualty care. Sites are much better prepared to mitigate consequences of active assailant or other emergency situations.

Cogent Security Consulting - Tactical Casualty Care Program Development and Implementation
Cogent Security Consulting - Program Management Web Application



Challenge: Client utilized a set of custom Excel workbooks as primary program management tools.  Workbooks were used to establish Annual Operating Plans and track execution for over $700M in security work scope, but were cumbersome to consolidate, maintain, update, and transfer between hundreds of users across 10+ locations. Client devoted significant effort to ensuring data fidelity.  A more modern, web-based solution was needed to increase efficiency and drive process improvements.

Cogent's Approach: Cogent developed a custom software solution to modernize the planning and reporting system and processes. The proprietary web-based application streamlined data collection and reporting.  The system is remotely accessible from the client’s diverse operating sites and can be used by all users simultaneously. It provides a variety of additional user benefits, including enhanced reporting capabilities, automatic saving, automated data entry verification, approval process steps, and ensures real-time data transparency for critical decision making.

Outcome: More accurate program and project reporting; more time for managers to spend analyzing information and determining the proper course of action  vs. validating data; reduced time spent exchanging data through email; central version control; less effort consolidating and maintaining data in Excel workbooks.



Challenge: Client did not have a robust plan for responding to workplace violence events. Employees did not have a process for identifying, reporting, and responding to threats. Managers did not have established procedures for assessing threats, intervention, and recovery. 

Cogent's Approach: Conducted in person vulnerability assessment, delivered written analysis providing recommendations for reducing risk. Developed detailed workplace violence response plan in prevention, reporting, access control, notifications, response, evacuations, and recovery. Developed a phased approach for implementation, employee training, and budget aligned system upgrades. 

Outcome: Client has fully implemented an adaptive response plan for threats ranging from non-assaultive to active shooter. Client has begun training new employees, addressed physical security vulnerabilities, and improved communications with local law enforcement. 

Cogent Security Consulting - Workplace Violence Response Planning
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