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Cogent Security Consulting - Risk Management and Decision Support

Risk Management & Decision Support

Costs vs. Benefits


We integrate management of security programs to minimize risk and maximize efficiency. Cogent has developed a number of risk management processes and tools used to oversee and manage various security program budgets and ensure that resources are optimized to achieve intended outcomes. Some examples of our work efforts are summarized below:

  • Identify and assess critical, exploitable weaknesses in a security posture.

  • Develop tactical adversary attack scenarios that attempt to exploit identified weaknesses.

  • Assess (via tabletop exercise, modeling and/or simulation) the extent to which security systems are able to defeat attacks

  • Develop potential mitigation options to improve performance.

  • Determine necessary staffing mix including factors such as skill/experience level, manning factors, and associated costs.

  • Track technologies and systems in place at facilities and determine necessary refresh cycles and associated costs.

  • Demonstrate security impacts associated with different budget options.

  • Conduct in-depth, independent reviews to ensure accurate cost estimates and proper alignment of resources with security requirements.

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