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Heagen Awarded Bonus for Hard Work and Achievements

Dear Ms. Heagen,

Even before you started at Cogent and were doing your onboarding, your professionalism and operational mindset impressed everybody. Since then you have received recognition from your operations manager, our customer, and individuals outside of our organization. From integrating the collection and writing tasks to becoming an equal partner in the HTR, you have quickly become a critical member of the Security Analysis Cell. In addition to your strong writing skills, you have embraced the role of briefing threats to all levels of stakeholders. You have continuously been complimented on your presentations from the TSCM Technicians to the Office of Science. You have demonstrated a critical eye for process improvement, specifically the production and dissemination of SAC products. Even more impressive you are willing to do more than just what your job description states by taking the lead for establishing an approach to team knowledge management and initiating new projects beyond the established SAC activities. This type of initiative and customer focus is something rare and I’m privileged to work aside you. In recognition of your hard work and these achievements which have benefitted the Technical Security Program, the Security Analysis Cell, and the Cogent family, we are pleased to award you with a bonus. You have proven yourself to be an exceptional team member and analyst. I know I speak for the Cogent partners when I say that I look forward to working with you

for many years to come.


Stuart Greenfield

TSP Team Manager

Cogent Security Consulting

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