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Cogent Security Acquires Innovative Technology Partnerships

In January of 2022, Cogent acquired Innovative Technology Partnerships, significantly expanding our employee base and capabilities.

Innovative Technology Partnerships, LLC (ITP) was formed in New Mexico in November 1997 to help business, education, healthcare, and government organizations prepare for the uncertainties of the 21st century. It is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Cogent Security Consulting LLC (Cogent).

ITP is a small business actively engaged in the Department of Energy (DOE) contractor community and the private sector, with over three decades supporting United States national security programs.

ITP values the contributions and individuality of every employee, consultant, and teaming partner. Each stakeholder is carefully selected to ensure that they support ITP's business goals and reflect the company's core values.

Our core belief is that our customers' success is our success, and the creation of unique relationships with remarkable people and companies will ensure the long-term success of both.

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