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Nevada TSP Team - Outstanding Service Award

For exceptional performance of their duties as the Technical Security Program team supporting the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Nevada National Security Site (NNSS), Justin Sheldon, Ivette Mudrak, and Bryan Lawler are presented this Outstanding Service Award.

Led by Justin Sheldon, the TSP team applied their subject matter expertise to support the site’s design, construction, inspection, and monitoring of a fully complaint and mission critical Special Access Program Facility of more than 625 square feet. Their full-spectrum support included participating as a principal member of the associated Integrated Project Team to ensure all applicable requirements and standards were sufficiently addressed in planning and construction, as well as conducting all the extensive evaluation and testing required for certification. Their performance was highlighted and recognized by the Nevada Field Office Manager, who noted the following in his Letter of Appreciation:

“Justin Sheldon, Ivette Mudrak, and Bryan Lawler provided professional expertise and excellent customer service from the start of the project through accreditation. Mr. Sheldon was a member of the NFO Integrated Project Team (IPT) which consisted of Federal and contractor employees developing, designing, and monitoring the construction of the facility. His contributions from the initial planning stages through the final inspection were nothing short of outstanding. The IPT relied on Mr. Sheldon’s expertise to develop the requirements using the Technical Specifications for Construction and Management of Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities, specifically the Intelligence Community Standard 705-01 construction standards to meet the requirements for a SAPF with amplified audio. Mrs. Mudrak and Mr. Lawler performed sound testing, equipment testing and photographed each phase of construction. Their documentation was required for the accreditation of the facility and gave the Authorizing Official documented proof the facility met standards for a SAPF with amplified audio.”

Your team’s commitment and flexibility to the F1 Project was vital to the project’s success. Whether it was their mastery of construction requirements or the last-minute material inspections, they always made the project a top priority and supported the team. Please pass on my thanks to your team for their exceptional attention to detail and professionalism!”

The Nevada Technical Security Program Team’s leadership, technical expertise, and commitment to excellence are in keeping with the highest traditions and standards of Cogent Security Consulting and are deeply appreciated.

Given this First Day of May 2023

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